Best Practices to Effectively Respond to Investor ESG Questions

For many, filling out a seemingly endless number of ESG questionnaires can feel rather tedious. However, this sometimes-numbing exercise does not diminish the importance and necessity of ensuring questionnaires are filled out in a way that is both effective and productive. Care should be taken with each questionnaire to ensure consistency with accurate and informative … Read more

A “How To” Manual for Enhancing Investor Relations

Relationships are important in just about every facet of life: personal, familial, and professional. It should be no surprise that fostering good working relationships with the governance teams of institutional investors that hold a significant stake in your company is critical to long-term success in investor relations. Why It’s Important to Have Relationships with Institutional … Read more

Building ESG Program for Pre-IPO and Private Companies

Build an ESG program for my private company? Why bother if it isn’t required? These are fair question to ask since building an ESG program doesn’t appear to impact revenue or business operations on its face. The answer is not that complicated: an ESG program actually can produce net positive impact in terms of increased … Read more

Building Your ESG Program: Part 4

Materiality Assessment Why do companies undertake “materiality” assessments for ESG matters? The reasons are threefold: first of all, regulatory requirements essentially mandate it so that companies disclose the type of ESG information that might be material to a reasonable investor. Secondly, stakeholders want ESG information, but particularly ESG information that is material. And finally, companies … Read more

Building Your ESG Program: Part 3

Setting Targets & Metrics After you assemble your team to help build your ESG program and your company comes up with an ESG strategy, you’ll need to establish a framework to execute that strategy. An important part of this step is knowing what to consider in your target-setting process. This will enable you to cover … Read more

Building Your ESG Program: Part 2

Developing ESG Strategy After you assemble your team to help build your ESG program, your company needs to craft a sustainability strategy. There are many real-world challenges when it comes to developing a strategy, particularly ensuring that it aligns with the company’s overall business plan. In developing a sustainability strategy, you will need to consider … Read more

Building Your ESG Program: Part 1

The first step for building your ESG program includes assembling your team that will work on figuring this all out. Although easy in concept, there are many real-world challenges to getting started.  Assembling the right team with appropriate knowledge and authority is the critical first step in building out a successful ESG program. Companies can … Read more

Using Data to Improve ESG Engagement

Data analytics has transformed the way that people tackle issues within their industry and profession. There is no reason why it should be any different when it comes to shareholder engagement.  Looking at the data can help in a big way. That’s the rationale behind launching our “ESG Engagement Dashboard”. We recognized that companies needed … Read more

Three-Steps to Improving Your Climate Disclosures

With the SEC likely to adopt new climate disclosure rules within the next six months – and continued interest among investors in the topic – many companies are looking to improve their climate disclosures for the next proxy season. But what is the most effective way to go about that? Consider this three-step process to help you … Read more